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I am a USA Today Bestselling hockey romance author. I was born and raised in the Steel City, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Home of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Steelers, and Pirates. We are famous for Mario Lemieux, Sidney Crosby, Pierogis, saying “yinz”, and sandwiches with coleslaw and French fries on them (just to name a few). I live with my husband, teen son and fur babies.

We are huge hockey fans and adore our home team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. During the hockey season, our lives revolve around the game schedule.

I decided one day I wanted to write a fan fiction short story about my favorite hockey player. Eventually, I no longer had a fan fiction, I had a full-length story. Sure the idea got changed around a few times, and names got changed to protect the innocent…lol. And that’s where I started. I wrote one and the rest just followed.

I love hockey and I love romance novels, I didn’t even know there was a whole genre of books out there when I started writing my first novel. I love making the game part of the overall story (I love the whole experience of being at an NHL game, the noise, the food, the sound of the skates on the ice.) So expect the game to be part of my books. I spend time during the season at Penguins practices watching how they interact, talk, and work on the ice, to make my scenes as real to life as possible. My hope is even if you’ve never set foot into a hockey rink, you will feel as if you had while reading my books.

My characters aren’t always rough and gruff, because not all hockey players are goons. I’ve had the chance to meet a few and they are awesome guys. So, I like to show a gentle and caring side along with the rough and tough.

I am a Hallmark movie junkie. I adore the Christmas movies and all the cutesy (and sometimes cliché) romance, and I love to get swept away in it all. I also will binge watch my favorite tv shows BONES FRIENDS, LAST MAN STANDING, SUPERNATURAL, and CHICAGO PD.

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Talia never imagined that at almost forty years old, she’d be newly single again. Not to mention picking up a sexy young man at a Pittsburgh bar. What she thought was a one-night stand, turned into night after night of the best sex she’d ...
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Melting the Ice - The Renegades Series #10
Matt had one talent – putting the smackdown on dirty players on the opposing teams. If they stepped up on one of his guys, he was there to tear them right down. Romance was not his forte. It wasn't even in his wheelhouse. He was a profes...
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Body Checked (After the Buzzer)
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Rylee has sad things in her life that she needed to overcome, she's put it off for too many years. Holding on to a past love and missing her Grandfather was making the holidays harder than she expected. The enchanted spirit of Christmas plays a p...
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Zambonis and Mistletoe - A Holiday Romance
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The star player. The chosen one. Tyler Kidd ruled the hockey league. He was driven hard by a hatred for losing. Yet behind his on ice persona he was damaged. Betrayed by the one he loved, he battled his demons with alcohol and women. One fueled the o...
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Playing the Game - Renegades 3
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This is the 2015 second edition of Score On Me, the first book in the ice hockey romance series, the Renegades. Re-worked and tweaked with a wonderful new editor, and some added storyline to this sweet but steamy sports romance novel. (For mature aud...
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Score On Me - A Renegades Novel

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