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Melody has been a registered nurse for many years, working in a variety of settings.

She's a huge rock music lover and enjoys seeing her favorite bands whenever she can. She longs for the front row at every concert and is disappointed if she's not there.

She crushes hard on her rock star men and favorite actors. Some of her ‘most wanted’ are who she adapts her characters from. When she writes about them, it makes her feel like they’re a little more accessible to her. Of course she doesn't really know them, but that’s fine. Reality can’t get in the way of fantasy.

Traveling is another passion and she can never get enough of it. She loves to write about the places she has visited. She's been to New York City and London, England numerous times and tends to use them as a backdrop for her stories. She loves walking around the busy cities and seeing the sites. The theater, museums and multicultural cuisine all appeal to her along with fruity white wines, margaritas and the occasional girly martini.

Escape into her fantasies and make them your own. Welcome.
Current Releases
Jake Marino may have a tough exterior as a muscle-bound Muay Thai kickboxing trainer, but inside is a tender heart with a desire for love. He doesn’t expect that meeting leopard shifter Alex Butler would change his life. As a young man, Alex...
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Sunkissed In DC
Dr. Ryan Collen detests being a vampire although there is hope on the horizon in the form of a monthly infusion. Not only does Ryan hunger for the light of day but the touch of the man who might save him from his demons. Eric Beck is a shapeshifti...
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Midnight Passion

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Edinburgh Magic
This is part of the Phaze Rocks line. When Lisa learns that her old boyfriend is going to be at their high school reunion, she sees it as a chance to come clean about the reason they broke up so many years ago. She didn’t count on the ch...
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Rock of Ages

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Too Hot
Cover blurb When Dr. Ariel Summers starts her dream job in the newly elected Mayor of New York City’s administration, she has no plans to fall for anyone. But the lust-filled banter and intense physical attraction she has with the Mayor&rsqu...
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Love on the Prowl
Holly and Kim Banger are sisters who have taken different paths in life. Holly is a single accountant with an enviable, but stressful career in Chicago, Illinois. Kim is a mother and medical assistant who lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and has recentl...
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The Banger Sisters Do London
Jenny Page is a Midwestern nurse who has always had trouble with men. When her favorite British rock star fantasy man becomes her patient, Jenny knows she's in for trouble. The sexual attraction she has for him becomes difficult to deal with when he...
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