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Tonight Jess needs release. Some peace. A little pleasure. Just her and her toys. After all, a woman has to know what pleases her before she can guide a man.
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Should she, or shouldn't she? After learning she'd been deceived by a pretend dom, Jennifer's offered a tantalizing vacation on the east coast with a respected Master in the BDSM subculture. Michael Dougherty's a man she's long...
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Intimacies: Stroke Me
Victoria's given up on finding the perfect connection with a Dominant. After all, who wants a woman who's walked away from a well-known and respected Sir and brings a male submissive along as part of the bargain? But sometimes finding...
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Perfect Surrender
The New Jersey Devil. Yeti. Fascinating legends. But when Riley faces tragedy in the remote Northwest and winds up in the arms of such a beast, is he her captor or her rescuer? Should she escape or use her feminine wiles? Will she live to tell her...
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When Sage sees the man in the cage, she's hot and bothered. When she finds out he's a present from her Dominant to train as a submissive and work out her natural switch abilities on, her heat and desire go to volcanic levels. The new boy-t...
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Sir demands complete submission. But sometimes she has trouble living up to what he expects of her. Luckily, Sir has the patience to punish in the most erotic ways possible, even when she's naughtily disobeyed his order not to come without his...
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His Pleasure
Johann is imprisoned in a dungeon, sentenced to remain until she spins straw into gold. Then a fairy comes to offer her a wicked bargain. He's like no man she's ever met, and he'll spin straw into gold if she'll be his sex slave. I...
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Forever Wicked: Rumpel's Claim
Nicole has a lifelong fantasy -- a sexual quintet. Her boyfriend, Kenny, agrees to help her fulfill her fantasies, but there's a catch. Kenny has a fantasy of his own -- one that involves handcuffs and just a little bit of pain.
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