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Romance provocateur. Manic stealth author. Fearless gourmet. An epicurean anarchist relentlessly in pursuit of a foolproof cure for ennui. Committed (thrice).

A multi-published hybrid author of romance, erotic romance, and erotica since 2008, Mercedes Vox writes short stories, novellas, and novels with characters running the gamut of human sexual orientation and gender identity. Mercedes previously compartmentalized the work using various pen names, but has since come to the personal conclusion that doing so doesn’t send a very good message. Romantic pairings are clearly defined in the description of each story for the convenience of readers.

Mercedes Vox resides in a quaint seaside town on Cape Cod with a loving partner and several bossy critters.

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Time heals all wounds—except when it doesn't. Kerry Sullivan was a typical kid growing up with a loving family, right up until the day he discovered monsters were real. Nine years ago, on a beautiful spring evening, a trusted neighbor lu...
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Enter Sandman
“My sister gets the cool movie-inspired name, and I’m named after a grandmother I never knew, plus it’s misspelled. It’s the story of my life.” Kenley Hammond's mother is an attorney with a high-profile firm in Bo...
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Her Leading Man
You need this, Jacqueline. You want this, so take the leap. For once in your life, do something daring and dangerous. Playing it safe has gotten you nothing except a dead husband and an empty bed. At twenty-five years of age, Jackie Blair appears ...
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