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A twenty-year veteran of the shearing shed, Aussie Shane Cooper loves his job, and the home he’s made for himself in New Zealand. If he’s a little lonely, he’s got good mates to keep his spirits up. When a hot, cocky young shearer n...
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Cutting Out
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Baker Luke Henderson loves his job, and owning a bakery at Coogee Beach makes it even better. When he opens the shop before dawn, he hears the waves. When he walks along the beach after sunrise, he admires the surfers—one in particular: Came...
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Daniel is a demon hunter, a member of an ancient order with God-given powers sworn to protect humans from these creatures. Grieving the sudden death of his fellow hunter -- and secret lover -- David, Daniel is bent on self-destruction, craving cas...
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Reasonable Force
Michael Stone has returned to Burreela and has just started to settle back in and look forward to Christmas when his sister Jen rings him with a problem. His nephew Jack is convinced that Santa won't find them if they're staying in Burreel...
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tinsel and Dust
Adam is used to the adrenaline-filled life of the Royal Flying Doctors Service, so his desk duty due to a broken leg is wearing thin. But coming out in the testosterone-driven environment of a Western Australian nickel mine is no walk in the park ...
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Rust Red: Galvanized
Welcome to Burreela, New South Wales. Population: more animals than humans. Although most (human) occupants are trying to get out of Burreela, the tiny town is the perfect place for veterinarian Michael Stone to break out of the bad habits that al...
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