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Writing is the culmination of a life-long dream for Romance/Romantica Author, Mia Bailey. She remembers as a child spending summers on her grandparent’s farm creating little books from rolled paper her grandfather would bring home from the store. She would cut and fold the papers, stapling them to design the little books, and then spend days creating her own personal library with tales of imagination and wonder.
     As an adult, her dream of becoming a published author had to be set aside as she endured many changes in her life. She unexpectedly found herself a single parent and had to journey forth into the world of corporate America to earn a living and provide a stable home for her family. It was only after the simultaneous occurrence of several life events – her fortieth birthday, her daughter’s high school graduation and acceptance to college, and her survival of a major automobile accident – that rekindled her energy to pursue her dreams of writing.
     So with a new attitude and renewed spirit, she started down a different road; not one on the straight and narrow, but rather one with many twists and turns. She chose not a fast track to success but rather the scenic route to a new and exciting destination. Never one to waste a moment, she charges in headlong in to face new challenges and experiences to broaden the mind, body and spirit.
     As a self-described entrepreneur, she is enjoying life to the fullest. She doesn’t have the time to be bored as she is currently working on several projects including a cooking show combining country charm and resourcefulness with city chic, a high speed karting event, a career mentoring book entitled Road Trip to Career Success, a romantic-suspense independent film in Royal Oak, a greeting card line drawing on the principles of Zen Buddhism, and a local woman’s magazine recognizing the different ‘metamorphosis’ we experience in our lives. She often comments, “It’s a good thing I love to work and live to write!”
     Mia Bailey lives near Detroit, MI with her daughter, her cocker spaniel, and her four cats. She continues consulting through her public relations company, IDEAS – Innovative Designs for Entrepreneurial Advantages, as well as conducts training as a career mentor in career development. But most importantly, she writes daily and looks forward to the day when she can walk into someone’s home and there, on the bookshelf, she will see their library of Mia Bailey novels. She truly lives by the mantra “Embrace Every Dream…Live Every Moment…Fulfill Every Fantasy”.
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