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Michael Betcherman

I am an author and screenwriter living in Toronto.

I have written four novels:

Breakaway, a young adult mystery about a 17 year-old boy who believes his father has been wrongly convicted of murder. (published by Penguin)

Face-Off, a young adult mystery about a 17 year-old boy who uncovers long-buried family secrets. (published by Penguin)

Suzanne, a romantic comedy about an opportunistic widow in search of a rich husband.

The Daughters of Freya, a mystery about a journalist investigating a sex cult in California. (Co-written with David Diamond)

I also have numerous credits as a screenwriter for both documentary and dramatic television.

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Suzanne had it all. Then she lost it. Now she wants it back. Suzanne Braun had it all - beauty, status and money. Then her husband died - but unfortunately not before making a series of foolish investments that squandered her inheritance. When a p...
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