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Michael D. Smith was raised in the Northeast and the Chicago area, then moved to Texas to attend Rice University, where he began developing as a writer and visual artist. The first six novels in his Jack Commer science fiction series, The Martian Marauders; Jack Commer, Supreme Commander; Nonprofit Chronowar; Collapse and Delusion; The Wounded Frontier; and The SolGrid Rebellion, have been published by Double Dragon Publishing, In addition, Sortmind Press has published his literary novels Jump Grenade, Sortmind, The Soul Institute and Akard Drearstone, as well as his novella The First Twenty Steps. His dystopian, black comedy novel CommWealth was published by Class Act Books. All titles are available from Amazon.

Smith's website,, contains further examples of his novels and visual art, and he muses about writing and art processes on his blog,

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Current Releases
Berserk at missing his five hundredth point in a row, psychopathic Junior Dropout Basketball League star Billy Bolamme kills a taunting radio announcer with hand grenades, then blows up an entire sports arena to erase all witnesses to his crime. But ...
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Jump Grenade
When a newly-hired programmer at the Trantor Group, Mindwiped by Sortmind abuse, proclaims himself an alien from the planet Cnzaar, Trantor Group CEO Peter Trantor scrambles to reassure his latest client, the lovely but unreadable bank executive Anna...
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When the solar system adopts the buggy SolGrid telepathic network designed by computer hacker Patrick James, Jack Commer’s charismatic but impudent son Jonathan James instigates a rebellion against fascist brainwashing. His followers include hi...
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The SolGrid Rebellion
When a star thirty-four light years away abruptly vanishes, leaving the infrared signature of a Dyson sphere 967 million miles wide, Supreme Commander Jack Commer readies the untested Typhoon V for the Iota Persei system, assigning talented but reluc...
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The Wounded Frontier
At their commune north of Austin, Texas in May 1975 the four members of the Akard Drearstone Group begin to feel the onslaught of national fame as twelve-year-old Jan Pace, daughter of a commune couple, falls in love with narcissistic, paranoid bassi...
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Akard Drearstone
Jack and Amav Commer present their infant son Jonathan James at the 2038 wedding of time traveler Urside Charmouth. Phil Sperry has quit the USSF to become chief of staff to Marsport mayor and former Martian terrorist G’rea’nyaigu’n...
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Collapse and Delusion
A bestselling if somewhat unhinged novelist founds a small coastal Texas university dedicated to the study of the soul. Computer technician Himal Steina embraces this vast foggy sanctuary when he’s appointed writer in residence and falls in lov...
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The Soul Institute
What if anyone could ask for anything you owned at any time and keep it for thirty days until someone else wanted it...your home, your car...even your body?
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Ranna Kikken creates The Committee to End Suffering on Planet Earth at her nonprofit Cat Farm, but its first conference in 2020 is destroyed when disgraced former space pilot Joe Commer inadvertently time travels from 2036 to lecture Ranna’s...
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Nonprofit Chronowar, Book 3 of the Jack Commer series
Just released from six years in prison, unsure how to meet basic needs, Harry finds a kindred spirit in Roberta, in thrall to a depraved motorcycle gang. But the passive-aggressive leader of the Cerberean Knights leads them into a major crime this...
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The First Twenty Steps
Jack Commer, Supreme Commander of the United System Space Force, leads a peace mission in his flagship Typhoon II to end the war with the fascist Alpha Centauri Empire. After an engine explosion strands the ship four months from its destination, t...
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Jack Commer, Supreme Commander, Book 2 of the Jack Commer series
In 2033 Captain Jack Commer drops the planet-wrecking Xon bomb to end the Final War. The remnants of Earth’s population are hastily evacuated to Mars, where previously unknown native Martians rise in rebellion, led by their new human emperor...
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The Martian Marauders, Book 1 of the Jack Commer series

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