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     Michael Embry is the author of eight novels, three nonfiction sports books and a short-story collection. His latest work is Darkness Beyond the Light, a contemporary novel from Wings ePress.  His first two novels, The Touch and A Long Highway, have been republished by Wings. His other books are contemporary Foolish Is The Heart, murder mystery A Confidential Man, boomer lit Old Ways and New Days, and young adult, Shooting Star and The Bully List
      Embry, who lives in Frankfort, Ky., is a former reporter and sportswriter who worked for two newspapers, a national news service, and magazine. 

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Current Releases

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Darkness Beyond the Light

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Old Ways and New Days

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The Bully List

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Jesse Christopher finds out that it’s not easy being the new kid in school, no matter how well you play basketball. When discovered shooting hoops at a school playground by a high school coach, Jesse seems to be the missing piece to the puzz...
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Shooting Star
Blake Williams is a widower trying to raise three children. He has been careful to open his heart to another woman, fearful of the pain he might suffer again. His attention is focused on providing a loving home for his kids. Carla Reeves is i...
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The Touch
Micah Stewart is in the throes of a mid-life crisis. He’s bored with his job as a sports writer. While he maintains a good relationship with his ex-wife and children, he feels unfulfilled in many areas of his life. A random act of viole...
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A Long Highway
Sports columnist Chase Elliott has earned a reputation around the newsroom of being a person that others can confide their deepest problems. What happens when someone goes over the line? And what if a fellow worker dies from mysterious circumstanc...
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A Confidential Man
Brandon Wilkes is a 45-year-old sports columnist who has never settled down to the point of marriage. At first it was his career that caused him to go the bachelor route. He became a respected and successful sportswriter. As he grew older, he seem...
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Foolish Is The Heart

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