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Twelve criminal cases to be solved by British, gay P.I., Tim Silvain, ranging range from finding an errant partner, to a guy who swears he's been abducted by aliens, a cruel poison-pen writer, the mystery of a guy who apparently returns from t...
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Crimes of Passion (A Timothey Silvain PI Novel)
Lose yourself in tales of yore, in myths, fairy tales, and legends shrouded in the mists of time. These are stories of beasts and men from ancient tomes, of gods, sorcerers, and ancient heroes, of fairies and elves, of dragons and unicorns, and almos...
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Myths and Magic: Legends of Love (Multi-Author Anthology)
Young Ned Fickler's life is one of misadventure. The house he robs belongs to a policeman… a handsome one at that. The car he steals belongs to the boss of the neighborhood's shadiest operations… and carries a nasty surprise in the trun...
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