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Violet and Johnny Dotson pull up stakes and relocate to the beautiful countryside near Asheville, North Carolina, in an attempt at starting over after a series of miscarriages that Violet has attributed to the presence of an evil snake. Unbeknownst t...
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Hour of the Serpent
Everyone has their own identity, but after an unexpected encounter with a forest girl named Diane at his parent’s summer lake retreat, sixteen-year-old Miles Hanson realizes he might just have two of them. Intrigued by the impossible past of wh...
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The Colby Ghost
CHAPTER 1 High in the mountains of northern Nicaragua, an early morning mist hung like a dense mantle over the village of San Rafael while the heavy air deepened the shadows in Jim Slater’s cluttered bedroom. Pulling the pillow over his head...
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The Hanging Tree
Throughout history, people have sold their souls to the dark side in order to make their selfish wishes come true. With the dawn of the computer age, the ritual continued. Rock stars, race car drivers, and even politicians find their fame and fortune...
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A Wish to Die For
In the dictionary, under the definition of the word “psychopath,” there should be a picture of Dwight Barnes, a self-made business man whose success was born out of his twisted desire to fulfill a secret promise to a lost loved one. Wh...
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XXXtreme Discretion

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