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Current Releases
  A collection of four stories from the author of Skinz, Another Journey, This Island, and The Photograph. Aviatrix- a steam punk tale set in Edwardian middle-England. Doodlebug - a train journey like none other through a future war-t...
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From Here to Hallucigenia
  Grab your passport and throw away the return, because you’re never going home again. Grab your passport for the roller coaster ride of your life as you travel through five mind bending journeys that will shock you out of your ...
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Passport to Phelamanga
They wouldn't dare get in that machine themselves, but you? Who the hell cares what happens to you? They stick you in a machine and send you on another journey, and they don’t care if it kills you.
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Another Journey
Danger, Keep out, Rot-Riddled, Scab Inducing, Radon Poisoned, Festering, Aliens, Monsters, GM. You know what I mean. It's perfect. The last extinction is here, man. And I’m it.
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