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When Michelle isn’t engrossed in her favorite hobby of scrapbooking pictures of her family and friends, she usually can be found with a laptop attached to the end of her fingers. That is when she’s not working to maintain a functioning household or running her two children to and from play dates. 
Artistic from an early age, she spent her childhood dabbling in different artistic media.  A lover of romance novels, Michelle decided a few years ago to try her hand at creating fictional worlds through words instead of paint. The result has given her an entirely new perspective on the world. Every day affords new opportunities for ideas and new ways to create the perfect happily ever after.
Raised in ‘small town’ Illinois, Michelle now lives in New Jersey with her extremely supportive albeit somewhat neglected husband and their two beautiful children. For updates on her latest work, check out her website at or her blog at or visit her myspace page at
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Current Releases
Content with her life as Ultimate Extreme Wrestling Vixen, Lexi Blackwell isn't looking for love.  Considered a legacy in the business because of her legendary father, she's well respected and liked by many.  She has only one foc...
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Leap of Faith
Born from the ashes of tragedy... like the phoenix... love will rise again. Genevieve Conti loves her job as a fireman/paramedic and has only one dating co-workers. She's too busy trying to make her father proud to have time to...
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Fighting the Flames
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As head of the Werner Dairy Farm empire, Teagan Werner has no time for nonsense in his life and even less time for love. When a sexy sable-haired vixen shows up demanding he sell some of his land to her non-profit organization, he's both incen...
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Shelter Me
While surveying work on a new club he's opening, Landon Riker never expects to find a woman hanging, bloody, and in shock from being whipped by her so-called Master. He renders the woman aid, but days after the incident she still dominates his...
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Circle of Masters, A Sirens Call
  Emotionally battered and broken by a vicious divorce, newly single and nearly destitute Abby Dalton has little choice but to return to her childhood home and reassemble the shattered pieces of her life. She knows her presence in the tin...
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It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
When the club Misty's working at closes, she's left with few employment options. That is, until her ex-boss offers her an alternative she would have never considered on her own. A friend of his is looking to hire a submissive to satisfy hi...
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The Price of Submission
  Dumped by another boyfriend, Sophie Green decides it's time to make some changes in her life. Since her relationships have left her sexually frustrated, she concludes her horrible encounters with men must mean she's doing someth...
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Sophie's Secret
  After seven years of marriage and the birth of their first son, Lance and Samantha Phillips find themselves facing the real possibility that their marriage may be over. Immersed in her role as a working mother, Samantha is tired, frustr...
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For Better For Worse
Courage comes in many forms… After serving his tour of duty in Iraq, Sergeant Derek Rison returns home to find his apartment—and his life—in ruins. Sitting in the back booth of a local diner, contemplating his options, Derek meets...
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Some Kind of Hero
How can masturbating in a hotel Jacuzzi lead to love? Cassidy Yates is about to find out. A Midsummer Night’s Steam story A year after her husband died while serving in Iraq, Cassidy Yates still nurses a broken heart. Thinking a vacation will...
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Beyond the Tears

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