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They first met and fell in love during the turmoil of sixteenth-century Ireland. She’d been betrothed to a powerful Ulster warlord, The O’Cahan. He’d been a Spanish sea captain marooned after his ship, The San Pedro, shipwrecked ...
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Woman in the Portrait
In an attempt to save her mother’s real estate company from liquidation, Magdalena Perez agrees to bid for Cadfan Abbey on behalf of the Town Council. She has done her homework and exhaustively researched the competition. She’s sure of...
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Shakespeare Masquerade
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Alexander McCormack has secretly orchestrated Jessica’s life for the past fifteen years. Decisions she’s deemed to have made are an illusion. Even her marriage proves to be nothing more than elaborate manipulation. Jess is no longer c...
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Blood of His Fathers (Sinners and Saints, Book 1)

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