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Originally from Boston, Mickey J. Corrigan lives and writes and gets into trouble in South Florida, where the men run guns and the women run after them.

Mickey is the author of a half dozen novellas published by Breathless Press, Champagne Books, Bottom Drawer Publications and other indie presses. Her first novel, the sexy thriller Sugar Babies, was released in November 2013. In 2014, her series The Hard Stuff was published by The Wild Rose Press. Salt Publishing in the UK is publishing her haunting urban drama, Songs of the Maniacs. 


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Current Releases
She's funny, cynical, and kinda crazy, but she knows how to tell a story. She's ghost writing a book for a famous author—a recently deceased one. A struggling writer living in Manhattan, Jacy McMasters is the first to admit she'...
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The Ghostwriters
Vanna Treme runs a domestic investigations agency in downscale Deport Beach, Florida. She spies on cheating spouses while struggling to recover from her own imploded marriage. Vanna's unique PI firm also offers Ex-Treme Measures, special services...
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Extreme Measures
Sometimes a girl has to take a guy for all he's got… One long, hard night of working the streets is more than enough for twenty-five-year-old Shea O'Grady, a Boston-based grad student. She just doesn't have the stomach for it. O...
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The Blow Off
Who determines your destiny? The gods or the gods of money? After she's invited to Dusky Beach, Florida, Marina Winston believes she'll finally meet her mysterious benefactor. But sometimes fate is a twisted bitch. One minute she's fli...
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RealLife Rum
Growing up in the fast lane… Sixteen year old Telluride Marshall loves her sex kitten mother, but the woman is a thug magnet. Kittie's love affairs always end the same—packing only what they can carry for a middle of the night esc...
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Red Hot Blues
When the real you is someone you don't know, then you sing the songs of the maniacs. From her office at a mental health institute outside what appears to be Miami, a troubled young woman counsels deeply disturbed clients while coping with her ...
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Songs of the Maniacs
Something bad has happened (again) in Dusky Beach. And Rita Deltone, a tough talking waitress from Lemon Run, Florida, is smack in the middle of it. She knows all too well the dirt road she took to get down so low, but she takes the long wa...
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Tequila Dirty
A lonely divorcee living in a tacky development in Dusky Beach, Florida, Theresa Tierney is an educated hick and her own worst enemy. She has a wild streak and a bit of a drinking problem, both leading to a few too many bad choices. When her neigh...
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Vodka Warrior
Book One in The Hard Stuff Series Tami Lee Conkers knows her own mind, and she knows she has gotten herself into trouble by falling for the handsome, well-educated Cat Avery.  She knows better, as the man is a registered sex offender who has ...
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Whiskey Sour Noir

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Sugar Babies
*Re-released with a new cover and minor copy edits after original publisher closed*   Marcy Margate has it all: she's young, rich, and built like Barbie. She isn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but the girl's got s...
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Geekus Interruptus
Erin Monahan reformed her bad girl ways, only to discover the good girl act can’t save her marriage. Now the novelist-turned-perfect-wife is hiding out in a love hotel with a bottle of two buck chuck, d...
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Me Go Mango

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  Until he gets hired to attend funerals for Florida's most unpopular dead people, Seymour Allen has no life. When he meets a mobster's gorgeous girlfriend, things begin to heat up.   They say opposites attract. Profe...
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Professional Grievers

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  He’s the hot, sexy man of her dreams. And her new boss. But someone else is dreaming about her, someone even more dangerous. *** After Adrianna sleeps with her hunky boss, she has to face him every day at the office of Dre...
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Dream Job

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