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An indiscretion with her employer’s son leads to governess Dorothy Mooreland’s dismissal without a reference. With the loss of any chance of earning a livelihood, she faces a desolate future, until a miracle job offer from a mysterious fo...
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Tales From the Margin: Talent Scout
One has to be careful when in love with a cannibal. One must time liaisons with care. Meeting after a meal is recommended, never before. Agent Dire of the Paranormal Defense Department is in such a predicament. His relationship with Max Detroit, a...
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Protect and Serve: Dire's Strait
Love is the most dangerous shape shifter of all. My name is Ciara Callaghan. I'm a cop. These things I believed to be true:     1) I loved my partner, Detective Malcolm Blake. Three years ago he was incinerated.   ...
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Protect and Serve: Endless Night (2nd Edition)
Follow the affairs of Peri Barberossa, award-winning sex reporter for the immensely popular guide The Galactic Tourist, and Fyche, her faithful AI, as she avoids becoming the newest addition to General R'nok's harem, investigates the savage m...
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Spaceport Affairs (Box Set)
Shaz Danzig's life and career are about to change forever. Being a security officer at Eden's Reprise, a nudist resort for the rich and famous, is not all beer and skittles. Protecting the delicate sensibilities of the guests, finding lost...
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Eden's Reprise
Katsumi Ryal has fled her arranged marriage and Adon, a sexy adventurer, has been employed by her father to bring her back. He successfully tracks her down and takes her back to his ship to carry out the punishment ordained by her father -- a stern w...
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Slave to Lust
In the days before Christmas, Christina Rose leads a female-only party of refugees to a rough frontier world, and local hunk Wagon Master Brandon McCloud has the task of guiding them to their new home. An alleged customs infringement over mistleto...
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Red Velvet Christmas: Mistletoe Madness
After refusing to throw a match, prize fighter Maximus is framed, sentenced to ten years as a bonded servant, and sold to a stud farm for his exceptional physique. Escape means Maximus is now a fugitive, and he makes his way to the Margin where he...
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Tales from the Margin: Paradise Pass
They say one's first love leaves an indelible mark upon the psyche. Audrey Purcell's first lover, Kirk Mason, disappears in the aftermath of a bomb blast, and the bittersweet experience transforms the shy, bookish girl into a brazen and re...
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Rain Catcher: Aqua Vitae
For me, the line between pleasure and pain is very, very blurred. As a natural bottom, to use the jargon for submissive, I've made the bondage and submission scene my life. I'm also a switch, someone who can play the roles of master and sl...
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A Fine Line
One has to be careful when in love with a cannibal. One must time liaisons with care. Meeting after a meal is recommended, never before. Agent Dire of the Paranormal Defense Department is in such a predicament. His relationship with Max Detro...
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Protect and Serve: Dire's Strait
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In a pub, a hunky college guy gets the eye from a beautiful girl. Beneath the ethereally glowing ivory skin and behind the captivating eyes there was a dark and deadly secret. He buys her a drink and one thing leads to another. She takes him home....
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The Girl in the Cartwheel Hat
Love can be humanity's greatest strength -- or our biggest weakness. The poet William Blake knew this, and for the longest time I felt as though I'd been born into his Endless Night, my life destined for eternal misery. Tragedy stalke...
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Protect and Serve: Sweet Delight
I go by the name of Lili Tu, and I amuse myself owning Club C, a BDSM club for vampires and werewolves. I'm an elemental, a force of nature, and Detective Michael Munroe won my jaded heart the moment I met him. Problem is he suspects me o...
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Protect and Serve: Realm of Night
A kilometer beneath the surface, in the cold, dark ocean depths, world renowned exo-biologist Samantha Price and ex-lover Mike Leigh, pilot of a deep-sea submersible, come face to face with the Mimetai, a creature that knows nothing of humanity. ...
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Deep Encounter
Even death wasn’t enough… Crystal Canace is determined to find the one responsible for the death of Nicholas Paxton. She is so close, her life is on the line. But it’s her nights that are far more frightening. She is in love...
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Killer Attraction

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