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Mike Abel

I am the Chairman of the Oasis of the Lord Family of International Churches; and the Convener of the global association of senior church leaders against false teaching in the church.

I love to write on my favourite subject Christianity and personal growth. 

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I am presently writing a book on best personal growth resources from the Christian perspective. Should be published in March 2014.

Current Releases
iMessages like Quotations, offers short messages of thirty words, or the length of a 140-character tweet. The short messages also serve as great quotations which you can use in your messaging. In addition, you'll find that each entry contains god...
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iMessages like quotations
Bottom-line Christianity is conversational in style. It conveys the simple essentials of Christianity, in fresh ways that are easy to grasp, ponder and use. The central idea of the book is to identify a handful of basic and bottom-line truths, a...
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Bottom line Christianity
Many books have been written teaching us on the importance of prayer, but this enabling book shows you what to pray. New and seasoned Christians will find this book a tremendous resource, helping them to pray in a host of different situations. Whi...
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Prayers that God hears
You will want to share this book with family and friends for its wisdom, knowledge and practical advice. Wise for Life is clear-cut and real. Its contents will make you think, smile and nod your head in agreement. The book blends forty-five carefully...
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Wise for Life
Sweet little lies traces the infiltration of false teachers inside and out of the church. The book labels these messengers as a significant reason for the decay of the credibility and relevance of the church, and confusion among Christians. Church...
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Sweet little lies

A Peek Into the Life of Mike Abel

My wife

My wife
My son Greg and his wife Wendi

My son Greg and his wife Wendi
My son Darren

My son Darren
My grandchildren

My grandchildren

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