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Raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, I completed careers in the United States Navy Submarine Force and the Transportation Security Administration. I live in Orlando Florida, with wife and Editor in Chief Cynthia, daughter Jennifer, granddaughter Larrna and partner-in-crime Fitzy, a Silky.

My extensive travels in the Navy took me throughout the US, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Middle East, providing accurate and vivid settings for all stories. Although Mars figures with prominence in at least one installment of the Progeny of Evolution series, I haven’t been there yet. The trip is prominent on my “bucket” list.

Cynthia and I have co-written two books in another series. Top Dog and Love and Death in the Big Easy chronicle the story of a special shape shifter. Instead of transforming into a large fierce animal, he becomes an eight pound Yorkshire terrier. While not much good in a scrap, he can go places the big guys can’t and he’s irresistible to women.

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Current Releases
In search of an identity  To break the shackles of the past—a lost love, living in the shadow of her famous grandmother, and defying the elders—lycan Cynthia May leaves Earth for Mars. After fifteen years a sense of failure haunts h...
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Lagrange Point (Progeny of Evolution Book 7)
New Year’s Day isn’t going well for Lorna Winters, the only lycan on the Orlando Police Department. In the morning, she kicked her friend with benefits out of bed, by the afternoon she morphed to her wolf form and subdued a berserk junkie...
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The Tenth Legion (Progeny of Evolution Book 6)
A Daughter Breaks Away  From childhood strong-willed Cassie White took her own path. As partners of the multi-national corporation, Coven International Inc., Cassie’s lycan mother Sam and vampire father Jim offer a life of unlimited wealt...
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The Daughter (Progeny of Evolution Book 5)
A contemporary of the White’s triplets, human Jess Moore grows up in a time of decline, the result of poor economic, fiscal, and environmental choices, topped off by a worldwide pandemic. The decline leaves intrusive government in the name of s...
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Life in the Time of Decline (Progeny of Evolution Book 4)
As the triplets approach puberty, a chilling reality lurks under the veneer of the White family’s idyllic life. The children are developing like humans and won’t emerge. Most disturbing of all they’ll have normal human life spans, a...
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The Children (Progeny of Evolution Book 3)
Five years have passed.  Recent corporate discoveries created food supplements, allowing The Others to divorce from preying on humans. While nutritional needs are met, for some–the ferals–the addiction persists. The schism within ...
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The Corporation (Progeny of Evolution Book 2)
Begin the journey of a lifetime starting with Jim and Samantha "Sam" as their story spans 150 years, from discovering one another to the exploration of space and the colonization of Mars.  "As the first vampire/lycan couple, th...
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The Other Kind (Progeny of Evolution Book 1)
When the past becomes the future...  In the sixty-eighth century, coal and steam have a chokehold on the future, holding a mirror to a past lost in history. When archeologist Amber Deland finds evidence of a ancient civilization far in advanc...
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The First Servant
Jenny Leigh 8 represents the gold standard of recreational androids. When rogue androids threaten a worldwide apocalypse, the diminutive automaton shows she’s more than just another pretty face.  Reston Turner works for a top secret bla...
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Jenny-Leigh 8

A Peek Into the Life of Mike Arsuaga

The little guy who inspired the character of shape shifter Drake Martin

The little guy who inspired the character of shape shifter Drake Martin
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The Official Apples of my Eye
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My Book Covers

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