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Millie Andersen

Writer of Lesbian and M/M erotica for Written Expressions, LLC.

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Can two in the closet moms find happiness with each other and their family? Reese and Lynn are attracted to each other and would like to live together now that their children are all grown up, in love and going to college. But coming out to their ...
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Making Lemonade
Stepmom Donna and I both had a fantasy we wanted to share. It was only a question of who took the first step to make it come true. But only a family issue like the one we had could turn our fantasy upside down and lead me to take it a step further...
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Stepmom's Lesbian Fantasy
Not your typical angel and rebel without a cause, RJ gets in trouble after his last appointment with his usual tattooist, William. The unfinished tattoo has a strange effect on him. Binding him to William in some magical way. William needs tim...
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Not Your Typical Angel
Mirka and her boss have something going on. They are both attracted to each other but they are opposites and out of each other's league. Will something this forbidden be worth consuming?
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Oranges for Apples [Forbidden Fruit #4]

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