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Mimi Riser is a best-selling, award-winning author of fiction and nonfiction. Her books celebrate the upbeat and the offbeat, and “happy endings” are her specialty. She began life in the urban northeast, but now resides in the rural southwest with one husband, three dogs, and more cats than anyone wants to know about.

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I was an odd child, and I never outgrew it. This comes across as pretty obvious in the books I write today. I do comedy because that's the way my mind works, but my stories aren't exactly fluff. You'll find dark threads woven among the light, and universal themes underlying it all. I mix genres, push boundaries, and entangle my characters in outrageous scenarios and twisted plots--but somehow they always manage to fight their way free to happiness by the end. And they often surprise me by how they do it. I laugh and cry and learn with them on their journeys, and love them all--even the villains (sometimes especially the villains). But I can't make it easy for them, or they'd miss their chance to surpass their own limits and become heroes. I weave tales not just to entertain, but also to inspire. I believe in laughter and love, heroism and happy endings, so that's what I write.
Current Releases
A holistic hodge-podge of tips, tricks, and timeless, remedies, and real magic...   Springtime, the season of renewal and rebirth, which leads us into the blossoming abundance of Summer. Forward motion! Healing and ha...
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The Kitchen Witch Spring into Summer Book
Off-the-cuff and Off-the-wall! An eccentric collection of articles, essays, and science-fiction that begins with the insightful (or possibly insane) musings of propellerhead Rob Riser. What is a propellerhead? You’ll find out in “Prope...
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Breaking the Thought Barrier
Once upon a time, in a far, strange land (1883 Texas, to be precise), there arrived from back East a beautiful and headstrong young, I mean a scientist...named Tabitha Jeffries. Hardly more than a girl, really, but she had the courag...
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Eyes of the Cat
Holiday magic and mayhem from the Sylver & Steele series!... A simple rescue mission turns deadly when cross-dressing werewolf Sylver Starr and his cat-shifter mate Hunter Steele teleport to Alaska on Christmas Eve to save a polar bear family ...
Available Now!
White Wolf Christmas
A holiday "fruitcake" of facts, fun, and food. Recipes and tales for the Yuletide season. Includes sweet treats and saucy trivia, heartwarming memories and magical lore. Delightful reading and delicious eating for the merriest time of th...
Available Now!
The Kitchen Witch Yuletide Book
New from Mimi Riser, author of the Amber Allure best-sellers Thunderball and Time Rip...... The prequel to Amber Allure best-selling Sylver & Steele series...A cross-dressing werewolf and a billionaire cat-shifter. How the heck did such a ...
Available Now!
My Big Fat SX-File Wedding (A Sylver & Steele Story)
From the popular "Kitchen Witch Collection"... A holiday hodge-podge of facts, fun, and food. Recipes and tales for the Halloween season. Includes savory dishes and sweet treats, strange stories and odd lore. Great reading and great...
Available Now!
The Kitchen Witch Halloween Book
New from the “Kitchen Witch Collection”... Did you know chocolate is an aphrodisiac, and there's a scientific reason for why it can work? What about cinnamon...ginger...and MORE... If you believe the old adage that the way to the h...
Available Now!
Spice Up Your Love Life! Aphrodisiacs from the Kitchen
If ever there was a fair damsel in distress, it’s not Tansy of Oakwood Manor. Distressed, maybe. She has cares aplenty, but she’s far too indelicate for “fair.” Too tall, too rebellious. Too strange. No man wants a graceles...
Available Now!
If Wishes Were Kisses
Cold murder leads to a hot night when Sylver Starr, a cross-dressing werewolf, and his husband Hunter Steele, a billionaire who just happens to be a cat-shifter, fall afoul of a haywire hex that transforms one and lands the other in his strangest ...
Available Now!
Time Rip
From the “KW Collection of Curious & Serendipitous Lore”... TRUE stories of paranormal experiences: Ghostly encounters, magical visions, angelic intervention, and more... Includes: "High Planes Drifters" (spirit planes, t...
Available Now!
Wonderful Weird True Tales
Two lonely guys, two unforgettable gals, and a town full of “stardust”...Texas will never be the same.   It’s the modern-day Wild West when two wandering black sheep return to claim the women they left. Difficult wom...
Available Now!
Every Jack Needs His Jil
Buckle up your seatbelts! Mismatched lovers Sylver Starr and Hunter Steele are back in a brand new adventure, and it’s going to be a very bumpy ride...   For starters, Sylver suspects Hunter is cheating on him. Again. Hunter, yo...
Available Now!
The Werewolf In Red
Holiday high jinks in hyperspace! Take one small starship with an unusual crew. Add a grumpy captain, a harried doctor, and a mysterious plague that threatens to destroy the galaxy. The prospect looks bleak. But, hey, it's Christmas, and m...
Available Now!
Joy To The Worlds
Sylver Starr is a werewolf by birth, a cross-dresser by desire, and a secret agent for Earth Guardians, Inc.--although that last is beginning to wear a bit thin. Take tonight, for instance. Posing as participants, Sylver and his partner infiltrate...
Available Now!
For Sylver Starr, it's not easy being a cross-dressing werewolf, a secret agent for Earth Guardians, Inc., and also being married to one of the richest men in the world, billionaire Hunter Steele, who just happens to be a cat-shifter. Yep, can...
Available Now!
Your Cheatin' Heart
Whether it happens in a western saloon, Victorian London, or a pirate-haunted inn, love strikes when least expected and leads lonely hearts from the wicked carnal to the hot, heavenly sublime... Previously available only in electronic format, ...
Available Now!
Pirates & Other Wicked Pleasures
Passions collide and secrets crack open when two lonely mavericks tango with “Salome, the Courtesan of Kings!” The dancer’s plea for protection proves more than the cowboys can resist, but not as irresistible as what's uncove...
Available Now!
The Cowboys & The Courtesan
From best-selling and award-winning author Mimi Riser... Magic and mayhem, heroics, humor and heat all add up to the erotic adventure of a lifetime in this three-part fantasy series. Previously available only in ...
Available Now!
My Knightly Adventures
Lusty and full of laughs. Three torrid tales of romance, intrigue, and no-holds-barred sex... The class Romeo, the Nerd, and the Jock--once upon a time they all loved. And lost. But boys grow up and get over such things. Or do th...
Available Now!
Return to the Burn
The third book in the "Reunion" series... Out of the frying pan and into the fire... Heiress Sally Savoy is running for her life. With nowhere else to turn, she flees back to her hometown, only to find new danger in the arms of...
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Saving Sally Savoy
A stubborn Federation officer on a mission that confuses even him... A vengeful cat-woman fighting for the freedom of her hybrid race... Two haunted souls, burning with desire and trapped at opposite ends of an uprising that’s about to bla...
Available Now!
The Adventures of Cassie Nova, Book I: Rebel Queen
2009 EPPIE Finalist PNR Reviewers Top Pick Some are born to greatness. Others have it thrust upon them. Marian Allanson would prefer to avoid it, period. Emotionally scarred, and haunted by nightly dreams of the mythical Robin Hood, Marian is l...
Available Now!
Sherwood Charade

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