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First off lets state that I am not normal, nor have a I ever been. I am as crazy as they come. I have a brain that turns like a hamster wheels, and body that somehow has adopted some form of ADHD And my attention is like a dog always on to something else, new, and fun. Raised in Las Vegas, Nevada I have always had a passion for reading and writing. Since I was 10 years old I dreamed of writing horror novels. That dream quickly ended with the realization that boys and girls were supposed to not only get along with one another, but they were so supposed to fall in love and live happily ever after. I have taken just about every course college had to offer, majoring in criminal justice, with minor in elementary education & working as a substitute teacher.

After all was said and done with school I ended up opening my mind to a world with so much diversity that it would enable me to write about different genres and situations, giving my characters a depth that only I could describe to the world. Writing Romance novels is the one thing I enjoy more than life itself. I have also written numerous poems and share a love of the arts just like the rest of my family.

When I write I don't just take from the things I've learned over the years. I use words to describe characteristics, attributes, and everyday life. My words bring everything to life. Vivid details that make your mind spin as if you are watching a movie. The romance that I write is something that I personally crave, and of course what women doesn't. Love and sex aren't just about words being written, its about the passion you put behind those words. Its about making your own heart beat a mile a minute knowing that the words you just wrote touched you as well as others. I love to make readers laugh with the humor and arrogant attitudes characters have. Making the tears flow from their eyes because they just read something so saddening it hurts their heart and feels every bit real. The most important aspect for me with writing romance novels is making the reader feel sexy as well making them heat up an get warm between the legs, almost begging their lover to do the things I write to them. Each scene and character is personal and becomes a best friend to my mind. At times I find them the men sitting around a table playing cards, making wise cracks and asking me when I'm gonna get off my lazy ass and write something so they have something to do that day. I hear the women begging for the men to rescue them and touch them all over, to ease their waiting hearts. So for me this is my real world. This is the world I get to bring to life and share with you. Because sharing my stories and worlds is more important then anything this life has to offer.

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Reindeer Games - Vixen
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The First Taste

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