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Body Shop owner Kale is half vampire, and that has always made Dante a little curious. Of course, Dante doesn’t know the dangers. Biting and bloodletting are tricky things but will that be enough to keep Kale from giving in?  Curio...
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Brann has never had a Christmas. So, when he and his lover Rune find themselves on a gorgeous planet like Korsholm, it seems like the perfect time for a little holiday fun. The only problem is that Brann prefers being on the ship to being planet-s...
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Nice: Shore Leave
Leon and Ian are best friends. Of course, Leon would like to be more than just friends but he’s afraid to tell Ian, in case his friend isn’t interested or worse yet, doesn’t want to be friends anymore. All that changes when Leon fin...
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Better Late Than Never
Going home is never easy, especially if you’ve been away as long as Aren has. His grandparents' house welcomes him back with its solid presence, but he's still lonely. Things get a little easier when he meets up with his childhood friend Corvin...
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Lemon Balm: Through the Woods
In order to distract Itsuki, Aoi coaxes his lover into a game of strip scrabble. Itsuki doesn't think that words are fun or sexy but Aoi thinks differently. There are certain words that turn Aoi on, especially in Itsuki's super sexy ...
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What to do on a Friday Night
Aoi is an exotic dancer and an elf with a kitsune lover, which makes his life pretty unique to begin with. He's looking forward to some needed time along with his lover Itsuke, but problems arise in the form of Aya, a young man who claims Aoi ...
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Between a Fox and a Hard Place
Working at a strip club isn’t as much fun as Dante thought it would be. His boss, Kale, treats him like a kid and is ruining any chance of him ever getting laid. To spite Kale, Dante goes home with a handsome stranger who tries to pick him u...
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Finding Trouble
It's Christmas Eve and Frankie is in dire need of a distraction. First his boyfriend broke up with him, then the Christmas present from him mom turned out to be a tanuki, a shapeshifting raccoon dog straight out of a Japanese folk tale, and it...
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Tails and Teapots
Evan and Varian from ‘Ride the Tiger: The Six of Swords’ are in for another adventure of sorts. This time, Varian takes Evan to meet his parents in the secluded lodge they run for shape-shifters. Unfortunately, things between Varian an...
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Into the Tiger's Den
A knife can be a weapon, but in the right hands, it can also be a tool. In Steel and Crimson by Misa Izanaki, Eri has a thing for knives and drawing blood turns him on like no one's business. Luckily his lover Bastian is a vampire and more tha...
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Toy Box: Knife

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