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In their front closet, Mal has discovered access to a rooftop garden. He decides to spruce it up as a spring project and gift to Wes for the way Wes has helped Mal's life blossom in the months since they met. Keeping the work a secret from Wes...
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The Door Into Spring
Will closeted Mike make it through this year's family Christmas without succumbing to the innocent charms of his long-lost "cousin" George? Mike Sharp is in Little Rock, Arkansas, visiting his family for Christmas while his best ...
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An Angel Gets His Wings
Truman Durant has two painful secrets. One keeps him in the closet and the other hangs inside his closet. Letting either out seems like the equivalent of suicide to him. He didn’t know just how badly he needed Stasi Manolis until he fo...
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Greeks Invented Love 1: Your Biggest FAN
Have you ever seen a photograph and wondered about the story behind it? A young man staring at the ocean. Two friends cuddled up on an overstuffed chair. A handsome man caught wearing nothing but a towel. The submissive daring his Dom into action....
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Happy Enddings: Breifs
During a bout of loneliness, Tucker naively posted a half-naked photo of himself on Pronblr and requested that someone come cuddle him for the night. He really did mean cuddling, but he didn't intend for his friends to reblog his request since...
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Come Cuddle Me
Satan, himself, has discovered love in the form of a beautiful young man whose soul he's been forced to reap. The poor devil's desperate for sweet Oscar's affection, actually does get it and more, but then The Big Man Upstairs wants Os...
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Oscar's Soul
Rick knows his lover Danny has a secret and has been lying to Rick in order to keep it. Rick's pretty sure this secret has something to do with Danny seeing another man once a month for three days at a time. Determined to...
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Yours Forever
Sam's life completely changes when Jeremy, his sexy and muscular boss at a tattoo parlor, finally reveals the secret he's been keeping from Sam since the day they met: they're mates, and not only is Jeremy a panther, but so is Sam. Wit...
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Brian dropped everything last year when his mother became ill so he could take care of her until the day she died. People he thought were friends didn't stick with him and he's somehow become kind of a recluse without meaning to be. Only M...
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Every Time a Bell Rings
Carrie Trent has just become the photographer for a gay porn film company where committed couple Cal and Scotty are the stars -- the stars of the company and of every fantasy Carrie has. And now she has to be on-set to photograph them while they have...
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