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    My home has always been in the Chicago area, where I got my doctorate degree. I’ve done a wide variety of work. I’ve always been very high energy, very focused. Time has not mellowed me.

    Writing, for me, is difficult. I’m sure there are people who find it easy; the words just pour out of them. Not me.

    Then again, the very fact that it doesn’t come easily is what makes it so enjoyable. It’s a challenge, like trying to find your way in an unfamiliar place and in total darkness. Where people are trying to trip you. Or mislead you. You get the picture.

    The things I value most are loyalty, truthfulness, hard work, romance, and humor. I see humor in everything, even if it isn’t there.

    Most of my time is spent writing, running my practice, working out, reading comic books, watching old movies, and restoring vintage Chryslers.

    I can’t stand art that tries to teach a lesson, or make you examine your life, or preach. To me, if you have some time and you want to be entertained you reach for something that you can concentrate on, but not have to learn, and have fun with.

    The next best thing to someone to love is a good book. With all modesty, Man Is A Disaster, Air Conditioning Is Divine, is a good book. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of reading my novel as I did writing it.

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Charles and Cleva Winters have been married for twenty-two years. They have a family, success, and a beautiful home. When their happiness is shattered, Cleva, for the first time, begins to doubt herself and her life. She believes that the only way to...
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Man is a Disaster, Air Conditioning is Divine

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