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My first book was a terribly sincere Gothic with the obligatory white nightgown in the gallery scene.  Fortunately it was lost in one of our many moves as a Navy family.  Next I wrote a truly awful bit of fan fiction about being lost on a desert island with the Beatles.  Yes, sadly, I am THAT old.

My life took a non writing turn while I trained horses and managed kennels, then one day I wandered into a used book story in Penryn, CA looking for something different by Andre Norton, and accidentally wandered down the Romance aisle.  My world has not been the same since.

Actually writing romance had to wait until I was out of the horse and dog world and into the world of forty hours a week.  What an odd concept. My first book was written on any sort of paper I could find, and anything after that was an improvement.  

I write as eclectically as I read.  My Killer my Love is Paranormal Romance, my next book with Black Opal is romance, and I'm playing with Romantic Suspense.  I credit Michelle Thorne Grimes with being the catalyst behind pushing me into writing and my husband for putting up with every time my eyes glaze over with a new plot.

Current Releases
Lana Greene doesn’t care that most of the world sees her as avaricious and amoral. All the better for her to stand as a shield against those who would exploit the weaker. Until the day she comes up against a situation too difficult for her to h...
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A Question of Trust: A Stormhaven Love Story
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Rosalind Summerton led a charmed existence, right up to the day she accepted an invitation to visit a family in the Middle East and learn more about the culture up close and personal. It became far too up close, and she barely escaped with her life. ...
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A Question of Faith ~ A Stormhaven Love Story ~ Book 2
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Sydney Castleton has worked hard to put her less than savory past behind her…until her sister asks for her help. Devin Starke has fought too many battles, seen too many deaths, to look forward to a peaceful future…until his best friend ...
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A Question of Honor ~ A Stormhaven Love Story
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Her past was behind her...or so she’d thought. Bethany Acton has come a long way from the day she was an abused child-bride of a dissolute jet setter. Now divorced and single, she writes for a lifestyles magazine, lives out of her motor ...
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Teach Me to Forget
She came to the woods to heal and found evil lurking among the trees... Upon her grandmother’s death, Kendra inherits a cottage deep within the sequoia forest, along with the powers given only to certain women in her family—powers ...
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My Killer, My Love

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