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Mmarie, Monica Brinkman, originally hails from the East Coast, relocated to California where she resided for many years and is now living in the Midwest. Her background includes working in the administrative field, owning a small community theatre, performing in various musicals and plays as well as working as a singing telegram for 3 years. She has been part of many bands and choirs, done radio commercials and dabbles in oil and acrylic painting. Currently she hosts the It Matters blogtalk radio show and writes two columns for the Reader and Author site, Authorsinfo

Her most recent accomplishment is the release of her fiction novel, The Turn of the Karmic Wheel. A mixed genre of suspense, horror,spirituality and the paranormal, set in a small college town in Missouri.

Monica has written many poems, articles and short stories and is an active reviewer on various book sites. She is also a member of Writers Group and Prose3Writers. 

Major influences in my life are

#1, My mother who showed me the beauty of nature, the simple pleasures in life and always believed in my abilities

#2. My 11th grade teacher who saw the intelligence and capability her shy, quiet student possesed.

#3. My dear husband who loved my poetry, prose and writings; always encouraging me to go further with it, as I have now done with my first published book of poetry and now working on finishing my novel

#4. My father who taught me to help others and give back to the world. His guidance and morals are evident in the novel I am currently writing; it has helped me overcome all obstacles and live life to the fullest.

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A Note From Monica M Brinkman

Hello to all the readers and authors of the world!

 When I wrote my most recent release, The Turn of the Karmic Wheel, I decided to be a bit creative mixing genre. Though not as easy to market as you cannot concentrate on one specific group of readers, I have found it to be embraced by those who have picked it up. This book is nothing as you would expect.

The most important thing to me about writing this first in a two-part series was it has given me the ability to donate a portion of sales to the EBMRF foundation or If you have no idea what E.B. is, actually Epidermolysis Bullosia, then I invite you to my website - Meaningful Writings - to view the videos of the children afflicted with this incurable genetic disease. It is my mission and goal inlife to open others eyes and hearts about these very special children.

Also, Oana and I have a radio show called Two Unsynchronized Souls which airs at least once a week. We are always seeking intereting topics, so if anyone would like to be a guest on our show, let us know. We are seeking authors who have written meaningful books that will make a difference in others' lives. The topic is most important.

You may view our show to see what it is all about by going to

Thank you all! Happy writing and reading!

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"What goes around, comes around." Truer words were never spoken, as evidenced by the complex interactions and fates of the characters in "The Turn of The Karmic Wheel." When the residents of Raleigh begin to hear musi...
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