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Red Sage
Current Releases
Araqiel is raising a little girl and trying to save humanity from themselves. As items related to the Fallen Angels begin to surface on websites and in auctions, Araqiel begins an investigation that will change his life forever.   Esme Jean-...
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Fallen Fire
The time is the Roaring Twenties, right after the stock market crash. Bacchus, now using the name Arcangelo de Bacchio, is trying to help the people of Chicago. He picks up the used, the broken, and puts them to work…maybe not honest work, but...
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Fallen Hunters Bacchus
Forneus is done. Done with Chicago. Done with love. Done with everything. He decides to throw himself into helping others, because isn’t that what the Fallen Angels are here for? He answers an email by arriving in Las Vegas to help a woman out ...
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Fallen Grace
Dagon is a fallen Archangel. When he fled Hell, he took along his soul-killing sword of Hellfire. After centuries with his sword, Dagon has it stolen, causing him to descend into a whirling madness. Gina Marcos has just found her grandmother and now ...
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Fallen Justice
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The Devil has Daughters. Meet Ember, Amaryllis, and Ruby as they tangle with the Devil Bones Motorcycle Club. These rough bikers live and ride hard and they've never met their matches until these women saunter into their lives. Cage, Dominguez, a...
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Fallen Daughters
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