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In the heart of the Imperial Stars, past and future collide, as ghosts converge in battle for a fortune-teller’s soul...on Port Destiny Station. Luxi Emery was perfectly happy with her position as the receptionist for Armored Media Corp. The...
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Fortune's Star
about Bad Girl: Penelope is a nice girl. Sadly, it wasn't getting her anywhere with her tall, dark, and handsome boss. Annoyed with the way her boss ignores her in favor of high-powered executive vamps, she steps into the leather shop 'Dar...
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Bad Girl
Handsome, smart, and dangerous, Lieutenant Colonel Roth Jaeger of the Black Rose Company is a highly skilled mercenary. Unfortunately, he's also a playboy extraordinaire with a nasty habit of not paying his debts. Jaeger is about to discover t...
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In Arrears
Rory has a rather intimidating personal problem: Teradyne Corporation's chief of security, Jin. Despite his attraction to the dark-haired elite, Rory knows better than to get involved with someone whose first love is their Job. Unfortunately, ...
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Security Issues
Cassandra is a very modern, if Satanic, exotic Dancer. Little does she guess what adventure Satan has in mind for her in Medieval Paris... Before Cassandra stepped from the magic circle in the bowels of the Magister's palace, she learned t...
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With step-by-step how-to instructions on: Building Characters Building a Plot Writing Action Scenes Writing Sex Scenes The difference between Fiction and Reality? Fiction has to make sense. There are lots of Creative Writing...
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The Cheater's Guide to Writing Erotic Romance
A Sorceress, a vampire and a librarian ... and then there's the werewolf.
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Uber Gothic

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