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Does that picture of me look familiar?

Morgan Sierra – who holds nothing back – is the pen name for Dee Carney. Dee began writing short stories in middle school, but did not attempt completion of a novel until almost ten years later— which despite good intentions was never finished. Almost ten additional years later, she challenged herself to begin writing again and the love for storytelling was rekindled.

Now, best selling and award winning author Dee lives at home Georgia with her husband, two dogs and a cat. When not writing, Dee is usually curled up on the couch with a good book!
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Current Releases
  Owen and Gail Carpenter have an idyllic marriage. Nice home. Nice kids. Nice everything… Nice and boring. When Owen finds a piece of erotica penned in his wife’s handwriting, he realizes she just might be into sex that isn&...
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Beneath His Touch
Courtney and Nils have brought a bull into their bed for a one-night trial. One night to see if this man can take charge and bring all their darkest fantasies to life. Nils wants to submit—to both his wife and another man. Courtney wants him...
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Bull Handler
Two hundred years ago, Allyn du Sainte Dominique was cursed to a granite prison in the form of a gargoyle. It devastated his lover, the powerful witch, Helene Laurent.  The curse is a powerful one invoked by the goddess Helene worships, but w...
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Granite Devotion
She was taken from him too early in life and one night each year, they’re given a reprieve. A night to relive their love for each other. When Eric meets the spirit of Laura this year, however, he realizes he’s tired of living a life witho...
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Stories in Ink: Fearless
Heaven has forbidden their continued union, but the dark angel is back to claim his human consort. Only, her conflicting feelings for him and for their unborn child have left her torn. In the final book of this series, Caleb and Bailey must face t...
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The Fallen 3: Siren's Song
Together for a business conference, Christopher Forsythe accidentally walks in on his co-worker Janella Freeman masturbating to his fantasy. To alleviate some of the resulting embarrassment and tension between them, he offers to show her a secret. A ...
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Dirty Little Secret
She went willingly into the seductive arms of the dark angel and he left her world turned upside down. Only now, a week after Caleb's seduction, Bailey realizes she gave in to him too easily last time...and she paid dearly for it. Now that Caleb has ...
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The Fallen 2: Dominance
The moment I saw him pleasuring himself - alone in the dark forest - curiosity overrode my common sense. I watched mesmerized. Wanted him to catch me spying on him in hopes he would invite me to join him. Luckily for me, he did. Catching a man ...
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Dark Forest Nights
Trapped in a cave, Bailey’s relief at finding help is almost palpable when she realizes that she's been 'rescued' by an Angel. The fact that he sends a shiver of desire through her doesn’t set off any alarms. He tells her that he is cu...
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The Fallen
They told her she had less than a four percent chance of seeing the anniversary of her illness. Dana’s been careful. Eating right. Exercising. Everything they said to do. And it paid off… she beat their chances. Now, one year later, D...
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Four Percent
There’s nothing worse than being the best woman for the job but being denied the career advancement anyway. Sexy and very debonair Maximilian Webb wants the chance to explain his decision to Cara Sebastian who is in no mood to hear it. When ...
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