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A multi-published author, Mya has been telling stories since childhood; some were true but most were not. Dreams of mythical creatures, magic and wonder have always fascinated her and she spent considerable amounts of time reading, writing and drawing. She graduated from University of Maryland with a degree in English and immediately went to work at what she deems as her rent job. During the day she is a mild-mannered office worker, however at night she heads to the computer, craft table or easel in her home/factory.


 Inspired to create her own worlds, filled with weres, vampires, gargoyles and more, Mya spends her time writing and crafting under the watchful eyes of her two spoiled, furry kids, Zoe and Cougar. While they would prefer her to snuggle and nap, they can’t disconnect the computer or their hated enemy, the internet. They are based just outside of the supernatural locale of Washington D.C. where many satyrs, goblins and fae abound and they are always excited to hear from fans and even critics.

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Current Releases
Multicultural Paranormal Fantasy Once she was known for capturing demons, but a half-demon herself, Malice left the Order of Sorcerers that had been her family. Using her aptitude in binding, she offers restraint to protect those whose blood y...
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Darkness Bound
Seth Burgess is a werecat and a thief, always up for a challenge. Like many of his Felia brethren he ignores the rich heritage of his kind and embraces the fast, progressive world of humans. When approached with the task of stealing a priceless tr...
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Thief of His Heart

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