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New York City in the late 1960's. Just in his twenties, Billy has left his life on the streets behind and now works in the stockroom at Doubleday’s on 5th Avenue, a job he's held for over a year. But when he meets his supervisor...
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The Bookstore Clerk
"I started going out early with girls and guys, not for sex because at that age, who the hell knew what sex was?" With those words, Danny's coming-of-age begins. From the gloomy, stifling hallways of high school in the 1960'...
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Always Looking
It's the early 1970's, and adult movie houses are the go-to places for men looking for something ... different. "Pubes" loves beer and anonymous trysts, though going all the way isn't his thing. Then he meets Todd, a....
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It’s New York City in the 1950’s when Timmy discovers his own sexuality. But he’s aroused by men and women, which confuses him. Then Timmy meets Dickie, who likes to take young men under his wing and teach them the arts of fellat...
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The Facialist
It was Elisa Rolle, book reviewer based in Italy, who first gave me the idea for Bathroom Trysts when she had a brief review of a book about sex in public restrooms. The notion fascinated and intrigued me; what could be better? The idea comes from...
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Bathroom Trysts
Richard doesn't think he's one of those queers. Or is he? When Ralphie kisses him in the park, then invites him home, new sensations open up in Richard's life. Soon he wants more than kissing -- he wants kissing, and something har...
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Kisser: A Masculine Femininity
All students need teachers, someone to nurture and guide them as they grow up in their turbulent years. But what does a tough, NYC kid need that he already doesn't have? Perhaps a little love would be a benefit for both of them, teacher a...
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The Men of Grand Street
Genre: Mystery, GLBT, Erotic and Beyond Price: $2.99, Pages: 66 ISBN: 978-1-55487-694-5 Flame Rating: 5 Flames Cover Artist: Martine Jardin Release Date: October 15, 2010 Looking for sex in Times Square he knew he had to take his chance...
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Murder in imes Square

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