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Nadina Boun

My name is Nadina Boun. For long my friends called me little shakespeare, but soon I have adopted my name to start publishing. I have been writing since a young age poetry, then short stories, plays and fiction.

I am still learning, and I still make many mistakes.

My first book is called The thinking man, paralysis by analysis, based on observations of our emotions as human beings;  a satirical and humoristic look at our cycles of life.

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Current Releases
A collection of 68 poems written in rhymed and free verse, selected by 3 different people for publishing. Please see an excerpt in video format.
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A Heartstorm
The thinking man is a compilation of rules in a man's head, a comic analysis based on the depiction of the cycles of life and the ever growing need for humor in our daily human conduct. The rules are based on an observation, relating to ou...
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The thinking man, paralysis by analysis

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