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Nan D Arnold

A native Texan, Nan worked for a life insurance agency and it was here she garnered her first commercial writing success. She created an office procedures manual which the home office issued to all its agencies. For that Nan got a bonus and caught the writing bug. 

After moving to Florida, she worked as assistant purchasing agent for a petrochemical engineering firm but later tried out the other side of the negotiating desk and joined the staff of a manufacturer's rep-where she met her husband. 

Nan joined Romance Writers Of America and started writing novel-length fiction. Her work finaled in several RWA chapter-sponsored contests as well as back to back finals in The PACIFIC NORTHWEST WRITERS ASSOCIATION’S annual literary competition, adult genre and romance genre respectively. Five manuscripts later, HITTING THE HIGH NOTES debuts February 1st 2010 and a sequel, PESTO PACKIN' MAMA, w/b relased in June, 2010.  

Nan, hubby, and cats recently moved to Georgia where Nan is taking a year off from the nine to five life to write full time. In addition to RWA, Nan is a member of the library league and two book clubs. She regularly chats up book store owners and librarians with an eye toward one day presenting them with a tome of her own.

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On the way to the altar, a woman cooks up trouble.
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With help from an AWOL opera star and a color-blind copy, a  widow relearns life is a song.
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Hitting The High Notes

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