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Nancy Lindley-Gauthier

     A native New Englander, Nancy Lindley-Gauthier resides in New Hampshire. Her interests include horses, boating, and being a back-seat driver on Hubbie Kent's motorcycle.
    Some of her favorite reading includes the old Trixie Belden mysteries, and the wonderful horse books of Dorothy Lyons and Marguarite Henry.  
    Adventures and friendship make up some of  her favorite reads; and these days, she tries to combine fun with concern for the environment in her own writings.
Current Releases
Far from the all the action of World War I, in a charming tourist’s spot on Cape Breton Island, Elizabeth Eames has stumbled into the most wonderful man in the world. She’s landed herself in a world where wealth reigns supreme; where any ...
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Trouble Cove
  Jillian Trent falls for a cowboy–but not just a cowboy. He’s a champion of reining…from Texas, from money, and realistically, far out of reach. Or is he? The moment he asks her out, Jill starts to puzzle over his...
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A World War II ‘Homefront’ AdventureLillian wants nothing more than to join the war effort, especially since her childhood sweetheart is headed to war – and promising to write – to her gorgeous adversary, Celia.  Her a...
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Patriot: At Any Cost
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One main character, Ollie, sets out to solve a “forgotten” murder, while the other, a Coast Guard officer is trying to uncover betrayal within his own ranks. Their efforts combine to give two different perspectives on the crime. Details l...
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Offshore Threat
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