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Natalie J. Damschroder started out a single mother whose main goal was independence. After she got that worked out, she became a banker who fell in love with a stripper, then a pregnant woman left with nothing, who ALSO fell in love with a (different) stripper.

Since then, she's been transported to a new dimension that she helped to save--twice--seduced her favorite actor, had zero-gravity sex on a moon station...oh, and kicked butt as a former NSA operative. And she did all of that in her jammies.

What in the world could be a better job than writer?

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A Note From Natalie J. Damschroder

Books are my life.  I read over 100 a year, and write two or three. Some call what I read and write escapism.  I

My works span the continuum of escapist literature—and what’s wrong with that? Pleasure is as much a part of life as suffering, and there is no nobility in denial.

At least, not when it comes to reading. My works encompass worlds of romance from here to space and other dimensions, worlds never before seen. Worlds of passion and adventure, and worlds just like our own. Whether in bite-sized pieces (short stories), heftier snacks (novellas), or full-course meals (novels), I invite you to Indulge Yourself
Current Releases
Harmony Wilde is a unique kind of superhero. She operates as Eclipse in a small town in Ohio instead of the big city, on her own instead of on a team, and in near-complete anonymity. For the most part, she’s satisfied with using her ability, ma...
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The Light of Redemption
From high-rise ledges to charming residential neighborhoods in Washington, DC, a team of superheroes saves people and battles villains…while struggling with bill collectors, day jobs, and complicated love lives.  Empath Daley Charm fee...
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The Color of Courage

Available Now!
Acceptable Risks
Marley Canton is done being a victim. A year and a half has passed since she discovered her ability to nullify power in those who aren’t supposed to have it. She’s now on a quest not only to stop the brats who’ve become addicted to ...
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The world is not what Riley Kordek imagined. On the run from those who’ve targeted her, all Riley wants is a chance to figure out her new ability to bend metal's energy. When a hot guy who knows more than he should helps her escape her a...
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Heavy Metal (Goddesses Rising #2)
Their power gives them strength…and makes them targets. Quinn Caldwell is the epitome of a modern goddess. Her power source is the moon, her abilities restricted only by physical resources and lunar phase. She runs a consulting business and...
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Under the Moon
Kennedy Smyth's firm provides security for companies and charities in seriously dangerous countries. She doesn't usually take on "frivolous" jobs, but when an old friend asks her to protect his son's movie shoot, she finds it...
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Behind the Scenes
Eighteen years ago, a group of men killed Regan Miller's boyfriend and tried to kidnap her daughter, Kelsey. Since then they have lived in hiding, always vigilant and never getting close to anyone. When Kelsey goes away to college, Regan f...
Available Now!
Fight or Flight

A Peek Into the Life of Natalie J. Damschroder

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