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As a Russian refugee, Nataly Orekhov at a very young age learned that life is anything but fair. If her toys and clothing were not donations from a charity or a kind soul, then they were acquired by a technique called Dumpster Diving. As the fourth of five children, Natalya was well versed in the dynamics of big families. Yet despite the bickering and slamming of doors, everyone knew that with this family, blood would always be thicker than water; the screams always took second place to their cheers for one another.

Today Natalya lives in a cozy home in Southwest Littleton, Colorado, with her husband and two young children. She’s known in her neighborhood as an exceptional baker and enjoys surprising friends with mouthwatering desserts. Though, moderately young, Natalya has earned several degrees in various disciplines of life—in hardship, heartache, and forgiveness when it’s the last thing you want to give. Yet in the midst of such a grueling education, Natalya has also had the great privilege of meeting countless individuals with hearts larger than life, and spirits that rival the best of them. To such individuals she is eternally grateful.

With the release of Natalya’s debut novel Symbol of Treason in November 2015, she quickly realized the depth of her passion for writing, and the hunger her readers showed for stories that reached deeper than surface angst, straight down to what grips the soul.



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Symbol of Redemption is the highly anticipated conclusion to Symbol of Treason.  Don’t miss the finale that will have you screaming. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, well…, that’s debatable.  As T...
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Symbol of Redemption
In a world drenched in cruelty, Allison Red’s only goal is to maintain ambiguity to her identity, and to leave behind the life she escaped. Yet she remains captive to the shadows of the past, who are always close enough to send a chill down her...
Available Now!
Symbol of Treason

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