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Natasha began her foray into creative writing at the age of four when she crafted Cool Sharks, an illustrated masterpiece about sharks who ditch the ocean’s depths for the waves and become “surfer dudes”, donning sunnies and surfboards and spouting terribly cool ’80s terms such as rad. This magnum opus was inspired by the infamous sharks and surfers of her hometown Port Lincoln, South Australia. She has since, sadly, moved on from poorly illustrated books about cool sharks. Often (rather rightfully) compared to Daria of the eponymous animation, Natasha has to her name 15 years of newspaper journalism, a children’s book Dragontide, and short stories in magazines like Woman’s Day. She has now added to this with her debut novel This Freshest Hell, a paranormal dark fantasy/horror released through Sydney imprint Lacuna, exploring her favourite theme: all things dark and twisty.

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My novel This Freshest Hell published by Lacuna is a great read for fans of paranormal, dark fantasy and horror fiction. It has something for everyone across all age groups, and while it’s technically a dark fantasy/horror, it’s not just about the horror – while it has supernatural elements and loads of monsters, both classic and new, and there are a few spooky grisly bits, above all it’s an exploration of the dark side of human nature. It touches on the darkness that lurks in every human soul and the capacity we all have for evil. It has all kinds of creatures from spider gods to snake people and skeleton ghosts, along with an epic battle and a shock ending. This Freshest Hell is a mix of horror, humour, heartbreak and deconstruction of the human psyche, with a fair amount of pop culture references and ‘90s nostalgia thrown in. The story follows teen misfits Lily and Maggie and their foray into the dark arts. The bloody consequences catch up with them ten years later, when they become embroiled in the vampire world and find themselves fighting for their lives – and taking some along the way. While it’s a vampire book, it’s anything but ‘just another vampire book’ – it’s original, unique and edgy. And it ain’t no Twilight; it’s more like a Vampire Chronicles for the new millennium. If you enjoy freaky fiction in the Anne Rice vein (pardon the pun), TV shows like Being Human, Buffy and True Blood, or films like Interview with the Vampire, Dracula and Donnie Darko, you’ll enjoy this.

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Dark secrets shared … Dark spells invoked … Death desired and death defied … Goth Maggie and misfit Lily unite against school, family, society, normality and life itself. But can they fight the darkness within? ...
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