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Distinctive and unique, Nate Allen will tell you with a straight face that he honestly hasn’t read a book that wasn’t assigned for him to read in 20+ years because he knew at some point he would write his own and didn’t want to contaminate his thoughts or expression of them in a voice that might be confused with someone else’s.  Based upon early responses he seems to have succeeded in that regard. 

Like the main character in his story, he has a BA in Psychology which is reflected in the depth of character development, a certificate in “conflict management,” which he concedes is not quite as evident, and is a certified paralegal, all of which lay the foundation for themes running throughout his novel.  "I thought it best to write what I know, and weave what I hoped would be an interesting tale in an effort to entertain, say something in a way someone hadn’t said it before and keep someone interested enough to turn the page and perhaps at the end of it yearn for more."  “A Change of Needs” represents his first effort, and the author describes it as the product of a lot of life experience, a vivid imagination, and 25 years of watching the Y&R…

There will be a number of women who’ve passed thru or inhabited periods of my life that might be unhappy with me, not because of how I’ve portrayed them, but because I wrote a big damn book and they couldn’t find any semblance of themselves and their importance to me in it, it’s fiction after all …the names have been changed to protect the nonexistent… But no man has ever written a tale of love that has not loved, and the fabric of this tale is woven from that experience, and I hope those few see loving remnants of themselves stitched within it.”

Another novel is in the works, the details of which he’s keeping close to his vest.  “I found that once I let the story get outside myself before finishing it a lot of external forces came into play, expectations, input disguised as feedback, things that can take control of your story and drive it instead of you.” 

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A Note From Nate Allen

While I have put a lot of time, toil …and “yes,” myself, into my attempt to craft a book you will enjoy reading, I still believe in leaving some things to the imagination …to reading between the lines so to speak. I have no experience with relating these matters as this is my first attempt, so forgive me in advance for the mistakes I have most certainly made.  To be sure there are aspects some people will find offensive, but once you start writing to please others, you lose your integrity and real life is messy and "seldom delicate and tasteful."  I hope you find something to enjoy amidst the mess of it all.


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  If love is a drug...then affairs are its "crack." Jake Arnett met the woman of his dreams ...but she belonged to someone else.   "A Change of Needs" is a unique, atypical, often uncomfortable modern-day l...
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