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Nathaniel Connors is a longtime resident of New England and currently resides in Fitchburg, MA. A husband and father of five, Nathaniel met his wife in 1995 at Roger Williams University, where he studied history and politics.

The Chronicles of Lucifer: An Anthology Based on the Revelation Series is Mr. Connors' third published title. His previous releases include Revelation: Creatures Rule the Night (published by Damnation Books in 2012) and Revelation: Lucifer's Legionnaire.

Currently, Nathaniel is working on several film projects along with Director Brian Stiver. Their psychological 3 minute short thriller, Room 302 ( was recently submitted to Project Greenlight. Other projects include The Salesman ( and Black DayZ ( Both films are expected to be released in 2015.

Mr. Connors plans to return to his novels in 2015 with the release of the final installment in the Revelation series.


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The Seer

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Current Releases
Six stories based on the Revelation novels: Creatures Rule the Night and Lucifer’s Legionnaire, The Chronicles of Lucifer is the bridge that leads to the third and final installment in the series. Discover the origin of the void, the reign of ...
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The Chronicles of Lucifer: An Anthology Based on the Revelation Series
The Seer returns to the days when Mordon and his tribe, the Korzak, rule lower Britannia. Along with his brother, Vorum and his sister, Lamia, Mordon leads his band of warriors into the unknown in search of a mythical soothsayer he believes holds the...
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The Seer
I have drenched this soil in the blood of my enemies. I have killed warlords and condemned their tribes to death, without hesitation or remorse. I have lived, died, and been resurrected, reborn to serve his purpose. I am the hunter, a beast cloaked a...
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Revelation: Lucifer's Legionnaire
The hunted, that is what Jonathan Armand has become. Generations of Armand’s had died before him, many by the same creature that taunts him from within the darkness now. It is his curse for carrying the name, but it is the blood of his ances...
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Revelation: Creatures Rule the Night

A Peek Into the Life of Nathaniel Connors

Booking signing at Barnes and Noble

Booking signing at Barnes and Noble

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