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Neal James

I'm an accountant by trade and a writer by choice.

The writing began at school thousands of years ago, but that became forgotten amidst the need for earning a crust in a traditional way.

Now, approaching the end of my real working life, I began, in 2007, to explore again the realms of fiction.

What you see in my four listed books, is the modest success since 2008 in actually getting my work published by a traditional publisher in the English county of Kent.

Not vanity press, nor self-publishing, I have been extremely lucky in being able to persuade Pneuma Springs to take me on. I have never looked back. Check them out:


Four more books will follow in the coming years at the rate of one each calendar period. They are:

'Full Marks' - a struggle by one of the Metropolitan Police's top detectives, Dennis Marks, to clear his name from under the cloud of an internal investigation.

'Day of the Phoenix' - the sequel to 'A Ticket to Tewkesbury', which is one of my listed novels.

'The Rings of Darelius' - my first venture into the science fiction genre, and telling the story of a civilisation at the brink of extermination.

'Dreamer' - a paranormal horror story of a young man with strange abilities.


Information relating to all work is viewable on my website:


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Current Releases
Steve Marshall was ready. This time there would be no mistakes - no-one to derail the plan, and no-one to step outside his ideas for the perfect Britain. Anyone standing in the way of progress would be brutally mown down. Infiltrating the British ...
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Day of the Phoenix
Dennis Marks thought he had seen it all. That was before Solomon Goldblum crossed his path - after that, things were never the same again. The trauma which the old Jew had inflicted upon him had brought about a near psychological collapse. That th...
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Full Marks

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Threads of Deceit

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Two Little Dicky Birds

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Short Stories Volume One

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A Ticket to Tewkesbury

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