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Nicci Carrera lives to write contemporary and spicy love stories with sassy heroines and sexy heroes. Nicci believes the perfect man makes lots of bread…the kind you eat hot from the oven with butter. She lives in Silicon Valley with her husband, and yes, he bakes all their bread. When not at her keyboard writing a romance, in the kitchen, or curled up with a book, Nicci enjoys photography and long walks. 

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A Note From Nicci Carrera

Hello Reader,

My debut novel, Love Caters All, is a humorous, small-town contemporary romance. It's on the sexy side, perhaps because I first wrote this story as an erotic novella in 2007! My friends and contest judges liked Rick Nordan, but not the heroine. The story never let me alone, because I liked Rick Nordan, too. He is hot! (Actually, this hot CEO came to me in a dream.)

Many years later, this Mexican American character and her wonderful family appeared on my mental doorstep, and the Cruz family was born. Her name is Maya. Her mother's name is Pilar, but her three daughters call her Mama. Mama has been a single parent for 15 years, since Papa died at sea.

While part of the Wild Rose Press series set in small-town coastal Maine, Lobster Cove, Love Caters All is also the start of a three book series about the Cruz sisters. They are Maya, who is the heroine of Love Caters All, and Maya's younger sisters, Blanca and Cara, who are twins.

I hope you will try out my debut novel. The reviews have been good. You can see 8 blogger reviews on my website,

Thank you for sharing the joy of reading with me!


Current Releases
Super student Cara Cruz made it all the way through her prestigious MBA program only to choke on the last final. Ordered by her advisor to take the summer off and clear her head, she’s home in Lobster Cove for some fun before retaking the exam....
Available Now!
Third Strike's the Charm
When hard-driving CEO Rick Nordan arrives in Lobster Cove under strict orders from the family doctor to take a break, he discovers the rental house comes with a family attached, including one sexy dynamo of a caterer. She's nothing like his ex-fi...
Available Now!
Love Caters All

A Peek Into the Life of Nicci Carrera

Me at work.

Me at work.
Me having a V8 moment

Me having a V8 moment
My office

My office

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