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Nick Boyland grew up on a British army Garrison in Western Germany.

He restored and built his first motorcycle at the tender age of 16; a Triumph tiger Cub. Lapping in the valves on his dressing table, using grinding compound he made himself from toothpaste and emery cloth, and re-winding the alternator with copper wire scavenged from old transformers.

The Amal carburettor; scavenged from an old BSA Bantam, had the jets braised up and drilled out on the patio with a 12 volt drill until the mixture was, ‘just right’.

Nick developed a strong empathy with old British motorbikes which saw him, as a young man, riding a hard tailed, Tribsa (Triumph/BSA) hybrid Chopper, across much of mainland Europe.

He enjoyed the hospitality of numerous European bike clubs, in his extensive travels, which brought the adventures and experiences he interlaces into his fiction.

Now living in rural Somerset with his wife, children and dog, he is the proprietor of ‘Rhino trikes’ Motorcycle trike conversion specialists.

Nick has appeared on TV a number of times as engineering expert ‘Rhino’ in the Popular Channel Four programme: ‘Scrapheap Challenge’.

Nick’s company: Rhino trikes has a credit on the International Movie Database for supplying vehicles to Northern Girl productions, for use in the feature film: ‘The Zombie King’ Starring Corey Feldman and Edward Furlong.

Still working with trikes and custom bikes, Nick now rides a customised Harley Davidson 1450 Dyna-glide sport.

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A Note From Nicholas P Boyland

Hi Guy's

To mark the launch of my second title: 'Bittersweet Humiliation' I am offering the first novel in the trilogy; 'Bittersweet Sacrifice' on a free download from Christmas day for 5 days on Kindle format, available from Amazon The second book in the 'Bittersweet' trilogy is now available for purchase from Amazon in both Kindle format and as a paperbackThis book is much darker and more sinister than the first. 'Bittersweet Humiliation' will see Neil and Natasha separated by the criminal machinations of the ‘mad dog’ that is her deranged ex. Her ordeal will threaten her life, her sanity and the well-being, and very existence of her closest friends and family. Can Neil and Natasha survive the trials which threaten to extinguish their very sanity?

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Bittersweet Sacrifice

A Peek Into the Life of Nicholas P Boyland

When I'm not writing, I have a number of other interests

When I'm not writing, I have a number of other interests
Appearing on TV as engineering expert 'Rhino'

Appearing on TV as engineering expert 'Rhino'
My company Rhino trikes recently supplied trikes to a film company

My company Rhino trikes recently supplied trikes to a film company
A mean and moody Ed with a rather cool trike!

A mean and moody Ed with a rather cool trike!

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Bittersweet Sacrifice is available in paperback UK sales only direct from the publisher Rhino trikes by using the following link

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To visit Rhino trikes The one stop trike shop in Somerset UK

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