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Nick G. Giannaras loves God. Proud of his Greek heritage, he is the first practicing chiropractic physician of his family and resides in North Carolina where he stays active in his church, Deliverance Christian Center, his family, and his hobbies. Among other things, Dr. Giannaras is an avid tabletop war gamer, loves to hunt and fish, is a Civil War re-enactor, paints, and dabbles in creating Christian music via his computer. He never thought writing as a form of ministry until he began this endeavor in 2005, and now pursues it vigorously. He views his books as entertainment with a message, and hopes they reach the world with a positive result for those who jump into his words.

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With the Crown of Sovereign in hand and surrounded by the enemy, the alliance flees into the bowels of Cragspeak. After enduring more hardships through unexplored subterranean corridors, the group discovers an abandoned Dwergen stronghold where Bo...
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Relics of Nanthara: Sacrifice of Heroes, Book 2
 Determined to find the truth to the ancient prophecies, young Courtar defies his elders and journeys alone where he gains the unexpected friendship of a Dwergen, a shunned race once thought to be extinct. After hiring a jailed Alkanien as a ...
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Relics of Nanthara: Secrets Revealed, Book 1

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