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I am a writer of fantasy and science fiction, though with elements of erotica and mild BDSM. I live near a small town in eastern Alberta where I spend a lot of time trying to keep the property looking civilized. I'm also happily married; at least that what my wife tells me.

My stories do have an erotic side to them. When I do add BDSM, I try to make sure it is consentual. Forced sex is not what I like to read, though having said that, there are times when it may fit it in with the background of a book.

Please drop by my website. Besides the books for sale, there are also a few free reads.

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To Catch a Star
Fairy Godmothers don’t always know what’s best. Or do they? "If love is pain, I want to be hurt!" It must have been her distress over being dumped by Sir Justin that made Princess Lilly less than precise expressing ...
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Be Careful What You Wish For
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