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Nicolai Due-Gundersen

I am an author of dark fiction, having returned to England after six years abroad. My time spent in Norway and attending an international school has allowed me to draw upon diverse cultures and superstitions to explore the rational world and its contention with the dark ethereal landscapes of various myths and beliefs.

My latest publishing credits include my short story, "Angel" published by Necrology Shorts, along with a contract for my debit novella, The Heart's Lone Desire with Muse it Up Publishing and an appearance of my latest story, "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" in the September issue of Deadman's Tome magazine (also to appear in the December issue of Death Head Grin magazine). A new novella, In the Flesh, will be released in January, once again through Muse it Up Publishing

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It is the flesh. The warmth of eternal lust... In the backstreets of his drab city, Alex finds the perfect gift for his girlfriend, who misses her rural home. Invited into a world of staring portraits, he walks away with the cool gaze of a for...
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In the Flesh
The chill of ivory. The cold beat of light. Aaron Carlson delivers the rare, the impossible, to the highest bidder. This promise is challenged, however, when he is asked to find a legend; an artefact that even time wants to forget. For the righ...
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The Heart's Lone Desire

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