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Loose Id
Current Releases
Peter Fontaine just wants to get married. He's got a willing man, a house, a cat, and the official permission of the State of Washington. Everything should be peachy, but weddings mean guests, and guests bring the magic of friends and family-t...
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Birds of a Feather
Four years ago, Peter Fontaine made a name for himself as Bellingham, Washington's premiere investigative reporter. Since then he's got an award, a cat and good-looking artist to come home to every night. Nick Olson, Peter's long...
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Bellingham Mysteries 4: One Man's Treasure
Folklore researcher and PhD candidate Hank Caldwell has a problem. He’s come to Japan to get information for his book on supernatural creatures called yokai. Along the way he discovers that yokai are not only real, but one of them is determi...
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The Red Thread of Forever Love
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Small-town reporter Peter Fontaine has a cherry job, a hunky artist boyfriend, and an insatiable lust for rooting out the truth. In this third installment of the Bellingham Mysteries, he and Nick must try to recover a stolen statue in time to host th...
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Black Cat Ink

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