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Nik Flandré is a Chicago-based writer who founded the "Sex in Music" column in High Society magazine in the early '90s and subsequently served a stint as a reviewer of adult CD-ROMs for Interactive Quarterly. His nonfiction has also appeared in Dallas' free adult Cabaret magazine. His erotic fiction has appeared in Club, Clean Sheets, Scarlet Letters, 1000 Delights and in Circlet Press' Jingle Balls, Erotic Shakespeare and Mind & Body anthologies. Nik says getting paid to write about sex is the second best job in the world; right below getting paid for having it! He's still working on the latter.

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Entwined Vol. III: Surrender
Lust is Life!  This collection of 13 tales of erotic encounters from Nik Flandrè finds people finding their lusts. From unexpected roadside encounters to secret hotel rendezvous, from voyeuristic cheerleader hijinks to a hookup wi...
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Night Dreams
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