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Book four in the Keepers of the Gods Series Damaged by the lies of those who should have protected him, Shayne must find the courage to surrender to the love of his mates. Bred by his mother, the Goddess of Night, to be a weapon against ...
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Slave Chaos
Book three in the Keepers of the Gods Series Through the aftermath of one God’s lust for power, three men must find the courage to love and forgive if they are to survive the ruthless schemes of a Goddess bent on revenge. Malen and ...
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Keepers of the Night
Two men moulded by the fierceness and pain of their lives form a bond that ignites their passion, but will their love be strong enough to endure the violence of their pasts? Lucas Matthews has loyally served his race for over two centuries, fo...
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My Forever
Book two in the Keepers of the Gods Series As the God of Death continues his battle for supremacy, three hearts are caught in a whirlwind of danger that will test the very limits of their strength and love. For three millennia, Cyaan has ...
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Master of Wrath
In a foolish moment of pride and fear, Michael cast aside his destined mate, leaving Kaden to suffer the brutal consequences, but he will risk anything, even life itself, to make amends and win his mate’s love. Born of the union between ...
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Everything You Are
Book one in the Keepers of the Gods Series When Seth, a Keeper of the Gods, finds the two men he is destined to live eternity with, he must defy the very Gods themselves to save his mates and preserve the existence of man and love. Discov...
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Son of Death
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