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  Roux has never been happier in her life. As a human living among wolves, she’s ready to tackle the job of earning their respect and approval. Her mate, Aldrich, is a sinfully sensual Alpha with the ability to light her up with jus...
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The Big Cry Wolf
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  In Victorian England it is whispered that the prestigious Blackwell family is touched with paranormal abilities. Eliza knows firsthand that those rumors are true, as she is plagued by wandering spirits, no matter how hard she works to i...
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Clockwork Kiss
What’s a girl to do when her daily delivery ends in a vortex of passion and gunfire?   All Roux wanted was to bring Grandma her goodies and get out of there before the old lady planted a slug in her back. Unfortunately, her simp...
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The Big, Bad...[Riding Hood Tales]

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