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I'm a wife, mother, and analyst. When I'm not busy with family and work, you will find me either reading or writing.  I stick with romance novels because there absolutely, positively, must be a happily-ever-after ending!

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Lyssa is an angel sent to earth to help humans in answer to their prayers. Spencer Hamilton is babysitting his six-month-old niece while his brother and sister-in-law are out of town. Though he is doing his best to keep the baby happy, he is failing ...
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The Christmas Assignment
  Michael Flannery is the kind of man every woman dreams of—tall, handsome, intelligent, successful, and fiercely protective of those he loves. The talented architect has two goals: become a partner at Miller Engineering and Design,...
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Designs on Haley
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Lost in one of Scotland's enchanted forests, a sleeping Katie dreams of trolls, faeries, and her fantasy lover. And never has a dream felt so real.
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The Dream
Sometimes it’s not the damsel who’s in distress. Married for years in name only, Angelina longs for A Real Husband. Hawk is pleasantly surprised to find his young bride has become a beautiful, full grown woman, and he is ready to leave...
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A Real Husband
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***Winner of the 2009 Laurel Wreath Award for Best Historical*** Medical school taught Dr. Adelaide Jennings that there is no cure for her father's consumption. Determined to reach him in Oregon before the disease claims him, Addie w...
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The Wagonmaster
How Faerie Dust is Made A colony of faeries lives among the lush green forests of Roscommon, Ireland near the Arigna Mountains. Their lives would be peaceful were it not for the humans who live in the area with them. The humans dislike fae...
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How Faerie Dust is Made

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